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Oct 31, 2012 12:00am PDT
in advertising, i want to thank those guys. >> jimmy: today on local cbs news someone did just that. >> is that right? >> we're in the west village with the mobile weather lab and many people basically using information out of the truck, we pulled the con ed outages map. >> howard stern penis! >> all right, guys. let's get back to you. >> bobba booey! >> it's great. you know, you're an excellent guest by the way. >> jimmy: thank you. >> the thing, i think that was joey boots, he's been doing it for years. terrific dwie and he does it with such a fierce, attack way, i can't help all over america, free advertising. you go on 11:30, abc is not behind you, you better get guys do this. >> jimmy kimmel, jimmy kimmel! >> jimmy: i would love that. we'll take a break. will you stick around? >> i'll stick around for the rest of the show. tracy morgan is a genius, he's a funny guy. i'll sit there, i'll make faces, maybe i'll even make out with him. >> jimmy: that would be great. >> and when we come back, tracy will be silting here. i'll -- you sit there -- >> jimmy: that seems like a terrible
Nov 2, 2012 12:00am PDT
to plan ahead. cbs-2 news stopped by an overcrowded gas station in the city today where tensions are running even higher than they usually do in new york. >> i'm coming. >> honking and hurling obscenities, drivers nearly coming to blows. >> look at that. he's jumping. >> it was outrage. >> he's jumping. this is a line! i follow the line, he come, he's jumping. >> jimmy: i don't know what he's saying, but i agree. you can't jump. the gas shortage, maybe this is bittersweet, but it's national news. even our local nbc affiliate in l.a. covered it in the whitest way they could have. >> it's aned aggravation for those who now need gasoline for their generators. >> horrible. everyone is fighting and that's what i get. the police are here. >> true that. >> jimmy: true that. takes us a little while to catch up with the street lingo out in l.a. true that. meanwhile, apple is going forward with the release of the ipad mini tomorrow, or for the millions of people who still don't have electricity, a paperweight. a smaller version of the ipad. anyone standing in line for an ipad mini in new y
Nov 3, 2012 12:00am PDT
in queens and staten island, it's a lot. a local cbs news reporter had some trouble in his neighborhood, but luckily for him, it turned out okay. >> your house is okay? >> well, actually my tree fell on his house. different story. >> oh, boy. >> interesting thing, though, because the responsibility for the damage is with the receiver. it doesn't matter who owns the tree. if it falls on your house, it's the guy that owns the house who pays for it. i found that out. gladly. >> jimmy: well, that is interesting. how fortunate for you. [ applause ] as soon as i get back home i'm maiming his neighbor a chain saw. obviously most local officials are doing whatever they can to help those affected by hurricane sandy, but one of them is going so far above and beyond that it's almost nuts. newark mayor corey booker has been inviting people to his house. he tweeted this yesterday to a newark resident who asked him for help. he said, there's someone at my house now, eric, i've got space you can relax in, charge devices and even a working dvd player. come by, my serene love. this either makes him the
Nov 1, 2012 12:00am PDT
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Oct 27, 2012 12:00am PDT
cbs affiliate in washington, d.c. was tasked with interviews nats fans as they left the stadium. and this is why you should never talk to anyone ever. >> you got somebody to talk to. >> i was hesitant because there was so much swearing and cursing out here, that's how upset the fans are. i trust this fan won't curse or swear on television. >> i'll try. >> how does this fall? >> it really hurts to give up a six-run lead. it's tough -- >> [ bleep ] [ bleep ]. >> that wasn't me. >> jimmy: a decoy. always a decoy. you have to be careful. in election news, lindsay lohan has at long last revealed which presidential candidate she backed. lindsay made the announcement at the mr. pink drink launch party, which is historically where key political endorsements are handed out. >> who are you voting for? >> i just think unmroimeemploym really unimportant, so, as of now, it's mitt romney. as of now. >> jimmy: as of now. as of now. she hits a car with a obama bumper sticker, that could change. gave an endorsement while doing an endorsement. i don't know if that's ever been done before. somebod
Oct 31, 2012 7:00am PDT
relief. the race looks as tight as ever, but new polls out this morning from "the new york times" and cbs, show that president obama has ever-so-slight leads in the three biggest battleground states of florida, virginia, and ohio. >> jon, thanks very much. >>> back to josh with other top stories. >> we're going to begin with wall street reopening this morning after the first two-day closure caused by weather since the year 1888. many wall street firms face big problems with flooding and power and just with getting their employees to work today. critics say the exchanges are no better prepared for emergencies now than they were before the attacks of 9/11. >>> and some experts now say the economic toll from hurricane sandy could top $30 billion because of all the lost business. that doesn't actually include the physical damage and the extent of it. >>> meantime, concerns over more frequent floods and extreme weather have prompted new york's governor to say the state should consider building a levee system or other barriers to protect wall street and all of lower manhattan. >>> meanwhile, in
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6